Ridge Preservation Grafting

When a tooth is removed the surrounding bone and soft tissue remodel. Scientific studies now show that left untreated, bone is lost from the width and height of the tooth socket area. In order to prevent or lessen this loss of bone and to insure a more predictable site for later implant or bridge placement, today preservation of the the extraction site is recommended. This simple procedure places a material in the socket to aid in bone formation. Also a temporary barrier is placed between the bone and gum tissue to allow the bone to form properly. The patient's bone replaces the graft material over the next 3 months. At the end of this three month healing time, the bone shape and gum tissue are now ready for implant placement. This current technique allows for much more predictable bone and soft tissue healing, as well as providing a stable foundation for implants and crowns. Ask your surgeon if this type of treatment would be beneficial to you when ever a tooth is removed.



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As an oral surgery specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Wert has extensive experience with dental implants, grafting (bone and soft tissue), removal of wisdom teeth and non-restorative teeth, corrective jaw surgery, as well as several options for sedation We also can diagnosis and treat TMJ (jaw joint disorders), oral pathology, and trauma to the face and jaws.

When it comes to selecting the right oral surgeon in San Antonio, experience is extremely important. San Antonio Oral Surgery & Dental Implants has performed oral surgery for families in San Antonio since 1974. If you trust us with your oral surgery needs, rest assured that you’re in experienced hands. Our entire team is dedicated to being an exceptional Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant practice in the greater San Antonio Area.

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