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Our office embraces new technology when it decreases treatment time and invasive surgery needed while resulting in better patient understanding, enhanced outcome predictability, and improved final results. We make every effort to stay abreast of advances and integrate new technology when proven and appropriate. There are many areas of our practice where patients benefit from such new technology; a few are described below.

Digital Imaging

In our office, we utilize digital imaging for x-rays, which is the most current method for obtaining diagnostic images with the following advantages:

  • Reduces exposure time by 50% and radiation dose to 1/6th of normal x-rays
  • Provides an "instant" result available for viewing in a matter of seconds
  • Offers more precise data than traditional x-rays
  • Uses no chemicals for processing
  • Allows images to be shared easily with referral sources or other providers

Cone Bean CT

A Cone-Beam CT scan is essentially a special digital x-ray using 3-D imaging. This technology allows us to see the hidden structures in your mouth and jaw in three dimensions. It is an incredible tool for diagnosing certain problems and can save both time and money by correctly determining the course of treatment. Our implant dentist in San Antonio uses this type of imaging to view certain impacted teeth and plan virtual digital surgery. A 3-D movie can also be created to increase visualization of specific areas of anatomy (such as impacted canines or other teeth, bone pathology, and growth deformities).

When our doctors feel this type of imaging is appropriate and important, they will refer you to a specialized local imaging center - iMagDent. The link below will provide directions and other information.


Computer-Guided Surgery

Cone Beam CT scans offer valuable 3-D information that can also be used for computer-guided surgery. Using the digital data, the surgeon and restorative doctors can do "virtual surgery" to place the implants in the ideal position. This information is sent to a specialized company who makes CAD/CAM surgical guides and models, which is then used during the implant surgery for exact placement of the implants. The result is extremely accurate implant placement, shortened surgical time for the patient and a less invasive surgical approach. The same technology can be used to view and plan reconstructive surgery for developmental and traumatic deformities of the jaws and face. The 3-D information can be used to design and fabricate custom CAD/CAM precise splints, guides, and models.


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